Over the years we’ve had the chance to work with some pretty great people. Once in a while they say some very nice, 100% bribe-free things about us.


“Rob and his team are a total pleasure to work with. They came as a recommendation at the last minute on a very important project for the annual REI members meeting and did magic in just a few days. Multiple cameras, rain and a hike at elevation didn’t phase the crew for a second. He really gets it and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a partner.”

Alex Thompson | VP Communications and Public Affairs, REI

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“When I needed help with my video needs for Bontrager’s product highlights and brand, I turned to Rob Sax. I knew he had the ability to turn out original ideas that “stuck.” But this was a big commitment… I had an aggressive timeline, with multiple projects overlapping. Not only did he give me the confidence to step back at times and not go on-site for every step of every project, he implemented some new cost-saving solutions that gave me incredible results. People loved the execution! It was full pro, highly creative, impactful and memorable.”

Michael Browne | Marketing Director, Bontrager





“I’ve hired Popamatic Studios to produce several videos for Shimano’s bicycle division over the past several years.  I trust Rob Sax and his team to handle every part of the workflow, from pre-production planning through principal photography and the different phases of post-production. He can handle as much of the process as I need him to take on, and the work always looks great.”

Shuji Sakai | Video Producer, Shimano American Corporation




“Aside from their work on our brand and racing team content for and youtube, Popamatic has been absolutely vital to the success of our retail training platform, Trek University. Beyond editing, Popamatic has added a lot to our projects with animations, after effects, and lots of creative input. Some of our most engaging content has come from Popamatic’s storyline ideas at the start of projects. If you’re ever looking for fresh help with your video work, Popamatic could make a great partner for you.”

Ben Scherer | Global Training Manager, Trek Bicycle Corporation



“I had the privilege of working with Rob on a shoot for Specialized Bicycles. It was a last minute deal for the client and none of us had a lot of lead time to prepare. However, Rob easily handled all of the logistics and coordinating of a large crew while on location without a hitch. Even when things didn’t go exactly as planned, he was there to step in and come up with alternate options at a moments notice. I’m still not sure how he did it. Throughout the entire two-and-a-half day production, Rob was as cool as they come. A pleasure to work with, his positive energy, good natured spirit and overall great demeanor were a much welcomed addition to the overall vibe of the group. I look forward to working with Rob again in the future on any project that comes along.”

Ian Coble | Owner, Ian Coble Photography





“You think you know what you want in a video. But Rob can take your idea, raise it by 10, and build it into something beautiful. He’s not an order taker. He’s a collaborator. What’s even better? Rob has some sort of no-asshole aura around him, because every person he brings on a shoot is a first class human being. You’re going to love your video and you’re going to love the process of making your video.”

Rebecca Ryan | Futurist, Economist, Brain-shaker

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